Sterile Surgical Gowns for ACLS Online Providers

When a doctor or nurse goes into the operating room clothing selection is extremely important. This is one of a few times where the clothing a person wears can save a life. Surgery needs to be performed in a sterile environment. This means that the surgical gowns that the doctor and supporting staff wear near the open surgical site needs to be free of bacteria or other contaminants.

Staying Sterile

Staying sterile during the operating procedure is the first thing that enters the mind of those when starting a procedure. When the surgeon enters the room, the staff place a sterile gown over his body. This is done with precision to help prevent infection to the wound site.

Infection To Surgical Site

Infection to the surgical site can lead to slower healing, fever, sickness, shock or even death. This is why the clothing surgical staff wear is so important. During shock the anesthesia provider and other operating staff will perform according to the ACLS protocols. United Medical Education is the leading provider of complete ACLS online certification, offering courses entirely over the Internet.

How to Prepare the Patient

There is more to preparing a surgical environment than just putting on a sterile gown. The patient’s operating site needs to be washed and cleaned to make a sterile environment. Then a sterile drape is placed over the patient, only leaving the sterile operating site visible. This part is critical and is usually done by the supporting surgical staff even before the surgeon enters the room. The also usually done after the patient has been placed to sleep by the anesthesia provider. In some cases the patient is purposely left conscious and other local or regional anesthetics are used. In these cases the surgical site is made sterile while the patient is awake. If the patient is kept awake during the procedure they need to be prepared for what will happen during the operation and also what behavior they should have. When a patient is left awake, there is a very real danger that they could contaminate the sterile field themselves. In such instances the patient should be coached. Tell them to avoid touching the sterile drapes, the sterile staff, and the surgical site itself. Patients who are compliant with this have no greater risk to infection than those patients who are placed asleep during the operation.

What This Means For You

In conclusion, remember to ask what process will be performed to keep you and the surgical site sterile during an operation. This will give you peace of mind and help you understand what great lengths your doctor and nurses go in order to provide you safe and clean service. No question is a bad question when it comes to your personal health and safety. Your healthcare providers should understand this and respect it. We never want you to feel uncomfortable when it comes to your own health and receiving a required procedure. Your life is important to your family and community.

Where to Obtain Sterile Gowns for ACLS Providers

Sterile gowns for surgical staff trained in ACLS online are generally provided by the hospital. This clothing is often single use, are only opened in the operating room prior to surgery, and then are discarded following surgery. These gowns are often made of a durable paper like substance. While most of our clothes are not single use, in this case we can make an exception.