Buying clothes online, how it’s changed.

Online shopping has become a dominating source of revenue worldwide. Today millions of people buy and sell online, and the entrepreneurial opportunities are not only vast but growing. Whether you’re clearing out your closet, or starting your own label, you can now reach millions of customers with a lick of the mouse and few well-versed phrases. Clothes and Accessories make up about 25% of goods purchased online by US citizens.

So how did we get here? It’s quite a journey. The first recorded purchase dating back over twenty years! It was the Sting albumTen Summoner’s Tales’’. Since it’s take off in the 90s, online retail has shown increasing growth every year, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down anytime soon. Money now spent online by consumers on goods is in the hundreds of billions and in 2015 we spent a massive $51.5 on clothing.

One of the very first online emporiums was the well-known Amazon, a multi-million dollar company in itself now. Though Ebay was the first to corner the clothing market with resalable goods. The two companies have had an ongoing rivalry and several integrations over the last decade as each has evolved and expanded its repertoire. Though Amazon’s buyer system is more secure and can’t be beaten for its penny bargains, Ebay still commands the apparel market by making it simpler to trade and easy for vendors to tailor their shops.

It took us about 10 years to come around to the idea that online shopping was the way forward. Though there were a few scattered designer and specialist boutiques during the late nineties, it wasn’t until almost a decade later that bigger brand chain stores began to infiltrate the market. Each with their own website and seller platforms on auction sites, the consumer began to reap the benefit of a more competitively priced selection.

We have also found that the selection of clothes for doctors and nurses has seen a boost in sales. Doctors and nurses who have taken their ACLS online certification often need a large selection of scrubs because of the number of patients they see on a regular basis. United Medical Education has been one of our largest buyers of scrubs because of how many students they train in ACLS, PALS, and BLS certification.

Not so long ago there was a stigma of shame attached to second-hand shopping, conjuring images of ragtag thrift stores piled high with holey remnants of outfits. It has transformed. Shoppers boast with pride at their bargains, at how quick they were to place the last bid seconds before the timer ran out. Shopping has become competitive in a different way. We no longer find ourselves half trampled to death in the ladies aisle on black Friday! It has become a much more covert operation, demanding our wit, attention and savvy negotiation and research skills to beat the other bidders to the punch.

There is no doubt of the advantages of the online retail world, and everyone seems to be benefiting. There’s no saying what the future will hold for the world of online retail. But you can be certain to benefit from an increasingly competitive, growing market. And as easy as it is now to shop, we can only imagine what kind of technological ingenuity the future might hold?

What You Need To Know About Online Shopping and Clothing

Online clothing shopping is actually a good alternative to going to the department store. With the financial crisis, most people are in charge of saving their home spending. Online shopping can reduce your costs, and it will give you more time to spend with your family. The following general benefits of online shopping are that retailers know that many customers are waiting for the last minute to buy their customer’s gifts. This can keep your wallet in the bind. At the end of the season, the choice is reduced, prices are generally not competitive. Shopping at the start of the holiday season allows you time to deal with the products you need.

Generally, buying clothes online, either from big stores or a custom one, you get great stuff at down to earth prices. However, the worry could be about the fit and quality because you have not seen or felt it! There are ways to ensure that this doesn’t happen. It involves being a bit smart and planning your purchase. 

First of all you need to make sure you know about yourself- your correct measurements. If you know your size and fit, the major problem is solved.

Sizes will vary by brands

However, you should remember that one company’s size will not match another’s, so you invariably need to check their size chart to compare your measurements. This is very important for women- especially to get the right fit for their inner/undergarments. Checking your true measurements against size charts of every company or brand will ensure you get the right size for yourself. You don’t want one pair of trousers in your order to fit you perfectly while another is too tight or too loose!

While shopping online there are innumerable options you can explore.

Some of our favorite brands related to retail include those for scrubs and medical jackets. Physicians who need a flexible outfit often choose scrubs when performing online ACLS certification. This is because ACLS requires doctors and nurses to move quickly during an emergency.

Many would be general clothiers, but if you delve a bit deeper, you will see that there are websites that sell anything and everything- right from custom shoes to belts and ties that are hand-made. Once you shortlist the retailers for the size charts and fit to your taste and requirement, you are on the right path and can start your online shopping spree. It is good for you to make a note of the site or other details for future ready reference. Once you do this a bit, you will have a ready reckoner of sorts- the designers, brands, and stores that gave you a perfect fit and size.

Customize with made to order

Other than those discussed above, you could go in for a custom fit with made to order stuff. There are many retailers out there who make custom fits as per your measurements or alter existing stuff to suit your custom sizes.

All said and done, it is advisable for you to have a good tailor locally who would be willing to make minor alterations for you. That way, you can get rid of that tight underarm or the loose seam that bothers you. we also offer to earn money to our clients too.