Alternatives to eBay

A huge 79% of Americans shop online at least once a month, at least. The reality is if you say that you are shopping online ‘at least’ once a month, you’re probably shopping a lot more. If your passion is for apparel, it’s shown to be much more likely that you’re shopping at least once a week. We all know the big three. eBay, Amazon and the upcoming Etsy are pioneers of e-commerce and their collected revenue is well into the billions. But we thought today, for the professional bargain hunters, we’d go through some of the minor leaguers. If you shop around you probably know some if not all of these, but it is very, very difficult to shut off ebay!

While these alternatives have a large selection of items available, they still do not compare to the selection of scrubs and other clothes often worn by physicians. Ebay still seems to be the place to go for doctors with their online PALS certification to obtain the proper clothers and training books before taking the course through United Medical Education.

ebid – Perhaps one of the most familiar seller formats in terms of listings and price structuring, Founded in 1998, ebid is also a partner of Google Shopping Marketplace and can serve as a great alternative if you’re having trouble finding a product elsewhere as there is no category or price discrimination. The sites following has grown more in recent years as retailers search for new shopping platforms. eBid has its own payment service PPPay, though you can still opt for paypal.

eCRATER – Another great platform for vendors, eCRATER has an integrated shop builder service which makes it easier for buyers to source products from specific sellers and locations, and to keep track of who they do business with. You can check out with Google Wallet, and it’s always worth a look as sellers are able to import their goods from eBay.

WebStore– We love Webstore, they have engineered the site to keep seller costs down through the use of banner ads. This means the seller pays no listing fees. A seller no paying listing fees is much more likely to offer products at a lower price, and you will find they are just as competitive as some of the bigger names.

Swap – We’re surprised Swap isn’t a bigger name. This may be because they are little more specialist, aimed mainly families as they sell a lot of children’s products and maternity wear. But you can find some great fashionable bargains on there too! As their name suggests, they not only deal in buying and selling, but you can also swap your goods! This is fantastic for growing families as decent kids clothes are pretty expensive new and not usually well worn. A great way to recycle and help out other families around the world.

Overstock – The only store on our list which doesn’t incorporate individual sellers, but still offers the great value of second-hand goods. They sell overstocked items, of course. This is a great site for those shoppers who prefer to buy new, though you never know what you’re going to get, so much like eBay, you will need to be vigilant if you want to get a bargain.

These are just a few alternatives for the online shopper. There are tons more, but you should always check site reviews as some of these lesser known sites aren’t hitting big numbers for a reason. Be smart and be savvy and never stop chasing that bargain!